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Executive summary

NFT Analytics Platform was having issues scaling requests and dealing with rate limits on competing platforms - moving to QuickNode solved these core issues.’s mission is to make visibility and analysis of transactions (mints, orders, etc) in the NFT space a lot more digestible. They are currently doing this by focusing on indexing blockchain data on ERC721 transfers and OpenSea orders, with plans to add support for other marketplaces, better ERC1155 token support, and individually adding more popular non-spec projects like CryptoPunks. collects as much data as possible directly from the blockchain. This means less risk of relying on third-party services or APIs that can revoke access as well as gives the added benefit of letting them iterate fast by normalizing and indexing the data upfront. engages with the community to build the tools they want, and supports them for the long haul. The team at wants the company and community to grow through the ups and downs of the NFT space and crypto market, which takes a specific approach towards building and planning for the future. The two co-founders wanted a tool that can give more insights and discoverability to the NFT projects for better tracking, so they went on to create, with both having over 15 years of experience in building and growing products at early stage startups. Creating was a natural process to them. crawls blockchain to surface the important data.

How QuickNode helped, from the founders themselves:

“We are collecting the bulk of our data from the blockchain. Blockchain data is a core piece of our business, so the ability to reliably query that data is essential. But we ran into issues with our volume of requests, and ran into rate limits using not just public endpoints, but also other node service providers until we found QuickNode. We switched to QuickNode’s highest-tier Scale plan (though all plans technically have unlimited requests) to backfill our transaction data going back several months. We ran these backfills in multiple batches given the volume of data we were processing, which was not an easy task.. The value in this, to our users, means that they can easily query who holds what token and how many unique holders a collection has after any project is released. We crunched through about 500,000 requests going back months without any issues from QuickNode and continue to get updates from the blockchain every minute. Overall, their service has been extremely reliable. You cannot get better pricing than with QuickNode for the number of requests we've been making, especially as we continue to grow. I think it is also more than just the cost savings too. We're a small team so we're strapped for time. QuickNode's team and QuickNode’s Discord channel have helped us troubleshoot and debug things that would have taken us 10x longer to figure out on our own. They are node experts, so having access to that via Discord is fantastic.”

Products used Networks used
  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Matic mainnet
  • BNB mainnet
  • zkSync Era Testnetnet
  • Arbitrum mainnet
Add-ons used
  • Archive Mode
  • Trace Mode

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“When we knew our volume of calls would continue to increase, we switched over from Infura to one of QuickNode's Unlimited plans and haven't had any issues or complaints since! Scaling more calls with a flat rate has been a no-brainer.”


Santiago Co-Founder