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Data streaming with guaranteed delivery

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We push blockchain data directly to you as it becomes available. Focus on what matters ‒ uncovering data insights and building real‒time products.


Build your stream how you want it

Our data streaming platform is built to be flexible and easy to use. Choose your data source, define your scope, and select your destination. We’ll take care of the rest.


Select an event

Choose the network and zero in on your desired data topic, from blocks with transactions to traces and mempool data.


Tailor your scope

Define the range of blocks for a perfectly fitted data backfill or real-time feed.


Transform your data

Use our transformers as a canvas to preprocess and chain data in motion before feeding it to your data warehouse.


Choose destination

End your pipeline by directing your stream to a variety of destinations, from webhooks to big data platforms.

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Guaranteed delivery

Forget about handling errors, retries, rate limits and bottlenecks as we push data to you.

Reorgs? No problem

Designed to handle chain reorgs in real-time, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Full spectrum ETL

We’re with you every step of the Extract, Transform, and Load journey.

Unprecedented Observability

Get comprehensive activity logs, transparent billing and usage overviews with OpenTelemetry.