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Global Availability Global Availability

We're in 8+ regions, you'll get up-to-date data. We use intelligent routing to hit the node closest to your user every time -- like your DApp is sitting on top of a CDN.

Mempool access for deeper data Mempool access for deeper data

Pending transaction pool visibility in milliseconds - we're looking at transactions across 8+ locations and pool them into a central queue. Never miss a trade again.

Limitless Scale Limitless Scale

Doing 10 requests/sec today, 1000 requests/sec tomorrow? No problem. Our reliable, high-availability API network expands to meet your needs automatically.

Case study
UniCrypt: 100Xing API Blockchain Back-end Polling Speed & Halving Cost
UniCrypt needed the fastest nodes on the planet, plus unlimited queries to function optimally and without glitch or hiccup.
UniCrypt went live with our self-serve Dedicated product and we set up a custom private cluster for them in record time. Read the full case study for more details!
Products used Networks used
  • Matic mainnet
  • Kovan PoA testnet
  • Gnosis mainnet
  • Solana devnet
  • BNB mainnet
  • Avalanche Mainnetnet
  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Arbitrum mainnet
  • Goerli PoS testnet
  • Solana main betanet
  • Sepolia PoS testnet
  • BNB Smart Chain testnet
  • Base Mainnetnet
  • Optimistic ethereum mainnet
  • CELO mainnet
Add-ons used
  • Trace Mode
  • Archive Mode
  • NFT Fetch Tool
  • Fetch NFTs By Creator

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Case study
Oikos on QuickNode: 100x improvement in transaction time, improving the user experience
QuickNode powers startup DeFi exchange using Binance Smart Chain
After doing research on multiple infrastructure partners, Oikos made the switch to QuickNode. QuickNode’s product offering, leveraging multiple geographically distributed nodes across multiple clouds, was the fastest responding, lowest latency option Oikos came across - something they were able to test upfront, using QuickNode’s transparent speed comparison tool ( Oikos saw immediate improvements in latency across the board. Some transactions, which took almost 6 hours to confirm, were recorded within 2-3 minutes, a more than 100x improvement in transaction time. Overall customer experience improved significantly. As Oikos’ founder, Manuel Corona, commented, “We were so amazed by the increased performance. Before learning about QuikNode, we used to manage our node in-house. It quickly became evident that it is not feasible. To be honest, moving to QuickNode was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Products used Networks used
  • Ethereum mainnet