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Solana Error Code Reference

Updated on
Nov 16, 2023

To facilitate a clear understanding of error codes, this document provides a list of possible error codes, along with additional information about how to resolve them.

HTTP Error Codes

Let's look at the common HTTP errors you can encounter, what they mean, and what you can do to prevent them.

400Bad RequestIncorrect HTTP Request type (e.g. using GET instead of POST) or Invalid Characters
401UnauthorizedThis can happen when one or multiple security requirements are not met such as incorrect Token Auth, IP not in the whitelist, invalid JWT, etc.
403ForbiddenEndpoint Disabled (One of the reasons for this could be a past due payment)
403Forbidden - custom trace not found in allowed custom tracesCustom trace code not whitelisted (Submit a ticket here to go through the approval process)
404Not FoundIncorrect URL or Incorrect method
413Content Too LargeBody of the request is too large
429Too Many RequestsThe requests per second (RPS) of your requests are higher than your plan allows. Learn more about the 429 errors here
500Internal Server ErrorSubmit a ticket for the support team to look into this as soon as possible
503Service UnavailableSubmit a ticket for the support team to look into this as soon as possible

HTTP Error Code Example

The code snippet below is an example of Error Code 429.

HTTP Error Code Example
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"error": {
"code": 429,
"message": "The requests per second (RPS) of your requests are higher than your plan allows."
"id": 1

Solana RPC Error Codes

When working with Solana, understanding its API error codes is essential for effective troubleshooting and smooth application operation. The section below explains the most common Solana API error codes, offering insights into their meanings and how to handle them.

-32002Transaction simulation failed: Error processing Instruction 4: custom program error: 0x26 [41 log messages] or preflight check errorThis is the preflight check error which means that the transaction you're sending has errors, you'll need to double check the params, signature, etc.
-32002Transaction simulation failed: Blockhash not foundThat could happen if the blockhash sent in the tx is not known by the validator yet, a retry mechanism is recommended. Checkout our guide to know more.
-32003Transaction signature verification failureThis could be due to an incorrect private key or public key. One or more signatures is invalid.
-32004Block not available for slot xThis error could happen when there's a timeout, a retry mechanism is recommended.
-32005Node is unhealthy Node is behind by xxxx slotsYou should not see this error often, but this indicates that the node you're reaching is a bit behind the tip. Use the retry mechanism mentioned above. Refer to this page for more information.
-32007Slot xxxxxx was skipped, or missing due to ledger jump to recent snapshotThis happens when you're requesting a block that does not exist. Please check the Solana Block Explorer to verify that.
-32009Slot xxxxx was skipped, or missing in long-term storageRefer to this FAQ for a deeper explanation
-32010xxxxxx excluded from account secondary indexes; this RPC method unavailable for keyThis error is when you send an unexpected payload or not sending the correct data to the Solana validator. See this page to correctly handle this error
-32013There is a mismatch in the length of the transaction signatureThe length of the signature is not expected
-32014The status of the block for the specified slot is not yet availableThis can be either the block is still pending or the node did not sync that specific block yet. A retry mechanism is recommended.
-32015Transaction version (0) is not supported by the requesting client. Please try the request again with the following configuration parameter: "maxSupportedTransactionVersion": 0Solana added support for new transaction version types through a concept known as Versioned Transactions. Checkout our guide to know more.
-32016Minimum context slot has not been reachedDouble-check when your request is required to be resolved at, could be too far in the future.
-32602Invalid params: xxxxxDouble-check the flags/params you've set for the request. Use our Solana docs as a reference

There are some, less common Solana errors that you may encounter as well. You can read more about them in the official Solana Client Github Repo.

Solana RPC Error Code Example

The code snippet below shows an example of Error Code -32602.

Solana Error Code Example
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"error": {
"code": -32602,
"message": "Invalid param: Invalid"
"id": 1

If you're experiencing other error codes, please let us know by submitting a ticket. We're more than happy to assist 🚀

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