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qn_fetchNFTsByCreator RPC Method

The API credit value for this method is 4 . To learn more about API credits and each method's value, visit the API Credits page.


  1. Object - Custom Object with the following fields:

    creator — (String) — The NFT creator's wallet address to check for.

    page — (Integer - optional) The page number you would like returned. Page numbers start at 1 and end at "totalPages". If omitted, defaults to the first page (page 1). If the page number requested is less than 1 or higher than "totalPages", an empty assets array will be returned.

    perPage — (Integer - optional) — The maximum amount of NFT assets to return on each page. You can request up to 40 items per page. If omitted, defaults to 20 items per page.


  1. Object - Custom response object:

    owner - The creator's wallet address we checked for NFTs.

    assets - An array of assets with the following object shape or an empty array if no NFTs are found:

    name - Name of the individual NFT.

    collectionName - The NFT project's collection name.

    tokenAddress - The token address of the NFT.

    collectionAddress - The address that all of the individal tokenAddresses are related to.

    imageUrl - URL pointing to the asset. Usually a .png image.

    traits - An array of objects with the following shape.

    trait_type - The name of the trait.

    value - The kind of trait under this specific type.

    chain - The blockchain the NFT belongs to.

    creators - An array of addresses that created the collection.

    network - The name of the network the NFT is on.

    description - Description of the NFT project.

    provenance - History of the NFT's transaction data. It is an array of objects with the following shape:

    txHash - The hash of the transaction.

    blockNumber - The block number the transaction happened on.

    date - When the transaction occured.

    totalPages - Total number of pages of assets available for this creator address, according to requested number of items per page (perPage parameter).

    pageNumber - The current page number returned with this response.

    totalItems - How many assets in total are available for this creator address.

Code Examples:

from jsonrpcclient import request, parse, Ok
import logging
import requests
response = requests.post("http://sample-endpoint-name.network.quiknode.pro/token-goes-here/",json=request("qn_fetchNFTsByCreator", [{"creator":"DznU28LgherhU2JwC2db3KmAeWPqoF9Yx2aVtNUudW6R", "page": 1, "perPage": 3}]))
parsed = parse(response.json())
if isinstance(parsed, Ok):
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