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Viem Integration

Updated on
Oct 3, 2023

Basic Operations with Viem

The QuickNode SDK uses viem to make RPC calls to your QuickNode endpoint with the SDK. All basic operations supported by viem's Public Client such as retrieving block numbers, transactions, and reading from smart contracts are available on the client property of the Core class.

Example: Get Block Number

Notice how we are calling getBlockNumber() directly on the client property:

import { Core } from '@quicknode/sdk'

const core = new Core({endpointUrl: "",})


Example: Read Contract

With viem, you can also interact with a smart contract using the readContract function.

import { Core } from '@quicknode/sdk';

const myContractAbi = {
address: '0x2106C00Ac7dA0A3430aE667879139E832307AeAa',
abi: [
// ...
inputs: [],
name: 'name',
outputs: [{ name: '', type: 'string' }],
stateMutability: 'view',
type: 'function',

const core = new Core({
endpointUrl: "",

functionName: "name",
}).then(name => console.log(name));

Additional Functions

Additional functionality outside of the basic operations provided by the Public Client, is available through Viem's utilities. See the official Viem documentation for a complete list of utilities.

How to Import Viem Directly

To implement any of the utilities, you will simply need to import viem directly in your code with:

import { viem } from "@quicknode/sdk"

Note that you will not need to install it as a direct dependency.

Example: Decode a Hex Value to a String

Here is an example of the fromHex utility being used:

import { viem } from "@quicknode/sdk"

const response = viem.fromHex('0x48656c6c6f20776f726c642e', 'string');

How to Override a Chain

Lastly, a chain will be automatically determined from your endpoint URL, but If you would like to manually provide a chain to the Core class, you will need to pass in a chain from viem/chains. This can be helpful when using domain masking.

Note that you will need to install viem as a direct dependency to import a chain from it. Here is an example of how you would then use it in your code:

import { Core } from '@quicknode/sdk';
import { polygon } from 'viem/chains';

const core = new Core({
endpointUrl: '',
chain: polygon,

See Viem's installation documentation for more information.

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