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Functions Library Overview

Updated on
Jun 29, 2024

We've assembled some unique and creative ready-to-use examples of Functions ranging across various use cases. By following the links below, you can explore different Functions examples and learn more about them.

Estimate Gas PriceGet the average gas price of the latest block by averaging gas prices across 100 transactions.BlockNode.js (Functions code editor)Functions and Streams Filter
Check USDC BalanceGet USDC token balances of a wallet address across EVM blockchains.BlockNode.js (.Zip upload)Functions
Find Whale TransactionGet transactions with a value greater than a specified amount.BlockNode.js (Functions code editor)Functions and Streams Filter
Check POAP BalanceGet POAP token balances of a wallet address along with token URI on Ethereum and Gnosis mainnet.BlockNode.js (.Zip upload)Functions
Compute Block MetricsGet vital block analytics data like active addresses, gas price, ETH transferred, biggest transactions, etc.Block with receiptsNode.js (Functions code editor)Functions

Contribute to the Functions Library by opening a pull request to submit your Function.

If you'd like to request additional examples, please open an issue on the GitHub repository.

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