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Track Flash Loans on Aave

Updated on
Dec 15, 2023


Aave is a decentralized liquidity protocol that lets its users borrow and lend funds in a non-custodial way. One innovative use case of Aave is flash loans, where a borrower can borrow tokens from the pool, do something with the tokens, and repay the loan with minimal interest, all in one transaction.

Learn more about flash loans in this guide: How to Make a flash loan using Aave.

A flash loan transaction is a complex transaction, but with QuickAlerts we can easily track whenever such transactions occur.

Aave Flash Loan Executed

Whenever a flash loan is executed the following event is emitted by the AAVE v3 pool smart contract:

FlashLoan (index_topic_1 address target, address initiator, index_topic_2 address asset, uint256 amount, uint8 interestRateMode, uint256 premium, index_topic_3 uint16 referralCode)

To create our expression, we will need to target two values:

  1. The Aave v3 pool contract address - We'll use the address of the AAVE v3 pool smart contract. This value gets set as the tx_logs_address, as we will be looking for any transactions from this address (the contract).
  2. The event the contract emits when the action we're interested in occurs - In the case of the Aave v3 pool contract is the FlashLoan event. On EVM blockchains, the event is encoded and can be found in tx_logs_topic0. To get the encoded value, you will need to take the event definition (event name and parameters' types), run it through the Keccak-256 hash function, and prefix it with 0x.


tx_logs_address == '0x87870Bca3F3fD6335C3F4ce8392D69350B4fA4E2'
tx_logs_topic0 == '0xefefaba5e921573100900a3ad9cf29f222d995fb3b6045797eaea7521bd8d6f0'
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