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New Block Validated

Updated on
Dec 14, 2023


The continuous addition of blocks is at the heart of blockchain technology. These blocks, essentially digital ledgers, record and chronicle every transaction or contract executed on the blockchain.

To truly harness the power and potential of blockchain technology, it becomes crucial to monitor these blocks continuously and thoroughly.

Here's a deeper look into why tracking the formation and validation of these blocks is critical:

  • Real-time Verification: Instantly confirm the success of transactions.
  • Security: Spot discrepancies in the chain quickly for increased trust.
  • Market Insights: Analyze transaction patterns to predict market trends.
  • Data Consistency: Validation ensures that data across the blockchain remains consistent and unaltered.

New Block Validated

We will track new blocks by creating a QuickAlert to track every new block with a block number greater than zero.

To create our expression, we will need to target one value:

  1. Block number - We will track every new block with a block number greater than zero. This value gets set as the block_number.
block_number > 0
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