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Lens Handle Minted

Updated on
Dec 15, 2023


Lens Protocol is a decentralized social graph on the Polygon PoS blockchain. Lens handles are just like handles in every other social media and can be minted separately from profiles and can be linked or unlinked from one profile to another.

Lens Handle Minted

Whenever a new Lens Handle is minted, the following event gets emitted:

HandleMinted (string handle, string namespace, uint256 handleId, address to, uint256 timestamp)

To create our expression, we will need to target two values:

  1. The Lens Handle Token contract address - We'll use the contract address of the Lens Handle token smart contract deployed on Polygon PoS Mainnet. This value gets set as the tx_logs_address, as we will be looking for any transactions from this address (the contract).
  2. The event the contract emits when the action we're interested in occurs - In this case , the HandleMinted event. On EVM blockchains, the event is encoded and can be found in tx_logs_topic0. To get the encoded value, you will need to take the event definition (event name and parameters' types), run it through the Keccak-256 hash function, and prefix it with 0x.


tx_logs_address == '0xe7E7EaD361f3AaCD73A61A9bD6C10cA17F38E945'
tx_logs_topic0 == '0x30a132e912787e50de6193fe56a96ea6188c0bbf676679d630a25d3293c3e19a'
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