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getMultipleAccounts RPC Method

The API credit value for this method is 1 . To learn more about API credits and each method's value, visit the API Credits page.


  1. array - string - (optional) An array of Pubkeys to query encoded as base-58 strings
  2. object - (optional) The configuration object with the following fields:

    Commitment - string - (optional) The level of commitment required for the query. The options include:

    Finalized - string - The node will query the most recent block confirmed by the supermajority of the cluster as having reached maximum lockout, meaning the cluster has recognized this block as finalized

    Confirmed - string - The node will query the most recent block that has been voted on by the supermajority of the cluster

    Processed - string - The node will query its most recent block. Note that the block may not be complete

    encoding - string - (optional) (default: json) The encoding format for account data. It can be one of base58 (slow), base64, base64+zstd or jsonParsed

    dataSlice - string - (optional) The returned account data using the provided offset: 'usize' and length: 'usize' fields; only available for base58, base64, or base64+zstd encodings

    minContextSlot - integer - (optional) The minimum slot at which the request can be evaluated


  1. result - Null if the account doesn't exist otherwise RpcResponse JSON object with the following fields:

    context - An object that contains metadata about the current state of the Solana network at the time the request was processed

    apiVersion - The version of the Solana RPC API to use

    slot - The current slot in the Solana cluster during which the transactions are processed and new blocks are added to the blockchain

    value - An object that contains information about the requested account

    data - The data associated with the account, either as encoded binary data or JSON format {'program': 'state'}, depending on encoding parameter

    executable - A boolean value indicating whether the account holds a program and is therefore restricted to read-only access

    lamports - The quantity of lamports allocated to this account as u64 (64-bit unsigned integer)

    owner - The base-58 encoded public key of the program to which this account has been assigned

    rentEpoch - The epoch, represented as a 64-bit unsigned integer (u64), at which this account will next be due for rent

Code Examples:

curl http://sample-endpoint-name.network.quiknode.pro/token-goes-here/ \
  -X POST \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data '{"jsonrpc": "2.0","id": 1,"method": "getMultipleAccounts","params": [["vines1vzrYbzLMRdu58ou5XTby4qAqVRLmqo36NKPTg","4fYNw3dojWmQ4dXtSGE9epjRGy9pFSx62YypT7avPYvA"],{"dataSlice": {"offset": 0,"length": 0}}]}'
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