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Look Up All NFTs for a Given Address on Ethereum Mainnet

Updated on
Aug 4, 2023

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If you're running Ethereum mainnet, there is chance you will want the ability to look up all of the NFTs owned by an address. The first time this happens, you might create a small script to check a particular NFT contract for ownership. This works, but then you need to add another one, so you update your script and the same when you discover a new NFT project. This won't scale, especially if you're building a wallet or something of that sort.

That's why we've made an add-on available (it's still in beta) for customers who wish to aggregate data from NFTs on Ethereum mainnet, a simple NFT fetcher. It allows you to supply an address (such as 0x91b51c173a4bdaa1a60e234fc3f705a16d228740) and retrieve a list of NFTs currently in its wallet!

Let's take a quick look at how you can use this RPC method:

Example call

It's relatively simple: 

curl -H "Content-type:application/json" \
-d '{"id": 1, "method": "qn_fetchNFTs", "params": { "wallet": "0x91b51c173a4bdaa1a60e234fc3f705a16d228740" }}' \

That's it. Just specify your address and the contract address of any NFT projects you'd like to get ownership for while using the `qn_fetchNFTs` method. This call also supports batching like other RPC calls.

You can find more details in our complete documentation on Ethereum for this custom RPC method.

How to purchase

When creating your endpoint on QuickNode API, be sure to select the "NFT Fetch Tool" add-on to enable this feature. You should see something like this:


Also, we want to thank the customers who let us know how important this feature was to them and helping us improve the  QuickNode pro network!

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, we'd love to help you! Find us on Discord or Twitter.

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