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eth-v1-beacon-headers-{block_id} RPC method


  1. block_id - string - (Required) Block identifier. Can be one of: "head" (canonical head in node's view), "genesis", "finalized", {slot}, {hex encoded blockRoot with 0x prefix}.


  1. execution_optimistic - Boolean - True if the response references an unverified execution payload. Optimistic information may be invalidated at a later time. If the field is not present, assume the False value.
  2. Data - object - with the following values:

    root - string - The root hash.

    canonical - boolean

    header - object - The SignedBeaconBlockHeader object envelope from the CL spec.

    message - object - The BeaconBlockHeader object from the CL spec.

    slot - string - The slot to which this block corresponds.

    proposer_index - string - Index of validator in validator registry.

    parent_root - string - The signing merkle root of the parent BeaconBlock.

    state_root - string - The tree hash merkle root of the BeaconState for the BeaconBlock.

    body_root - string - The tree hash merkle root of the BeaconBlockBody for the BeaconBlock.

    signature - string - The signature.

Code Examples:

curl -X GET \
    "" \
    -H "accept: application/json"
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