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eth-v1-validator-sync_committee_contribution RPC method


  1. slot - string - (Required) The slot for which a sync committee contribution should be created.
  2. subcommittee_index - string - (Required) The subcommittee index for which to produce the contribution.
  3. beacon_block_root - string - (Required) The block root for which to produce the contribution.


  1. Data - Object - with the following values:

    slot - String - The slot at which the validator is providing a sync committee contribution.

    beacon_block_root - String - Block root for this contribution.

    subcommittee_index - String - The index of the subcommittee that the contribution pertains to.

    aggregation_bits - String - A bit is set if a signature from the validator at the corresponding index in the subcommittee is present in the aggregate signature.

    signature - String - Signature by the validator(s) over the block root of slot.

Code Examples:

curl -X GET \
    "" \
    -H "accept: application/json"
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