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QuickNode’s Limitless Calls Per Second Powers Cargo’s NFT Drops on xDai and Matic / Polygon

Executive summary

QuickNode enables Cargo, an NFT creation, management and monetization tool, to offer users the ability to create their own NFT marketplace and projects at scale. Cargo’s batch minting approach, using a newer ERC-2309 standard, allows creators, developers, and businesses to create an unlimited number of NFTs in one transaction at a price-point similar to creating JUST ONE NFT on other platforms.

Batch minting requires a lot of bandwidth. In the beginning, Cargo connected to the blockchain via another node provider. Layer 2 solutions in particular are new chain types and not every provider has the ability to quickly increase capacity. Very quickly, Cargo hit rate limits using that service, which slowed requests, and at times resulted in not being able to access the Matic / Polygon blockchain.

It’s worth noting that reliable, consistent performance at scale is a difficult challenge — one which requires intimate knowledge of blockchain software, server & systems administration, and networking. With more than twenty years’ experience building distributed systems and managing data centers with thousands of servers, QuickNode offers unlimited scalability and high performance, with a network that drives more than 40 billion requests monthly. Additionally QuickNode has multiple Layer 2 chains available, including Matic, xDai, BSC and Optimism.

Node outages dramatically impact a platform and users of that platform. For Cargo, if users are in the process of minting NFTs and Cargo suffers a node outage, those NFTs may not show up for users, or may show up blank. Although Cargo has implemented a process to manually fix issues as they arise for users, users suffer with a broken application experience. That leads to increases in support tickets, and decreases overall customer sentiment, which creates issues.

Thankfully, Cargo made the switch to QuickNode and their rate limit problem got solved immediately. With no rate limit, the Cargo infrastructure can constantly make requests to the node while QuickNode does the heavy lifting. This enables lightning fast speed, higher traffic and a smooth, consistent user experience. As a result, Cargo’s overall volume of launches is reaching all-time highs through its QuickNode powered experience.

Products used Networks used
  • Matic mainnet
  • Gnosis mainnet
Add-ons used

Multi-chain from the start.

Cargo has access to most popular chains with one single provider. Those chains include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Matic/Polygon, xDai, Optimism, and Binance Smart Chain. As a result, Cargo has greater flexibility, development options, and a way to future-proof their business.

“We initially used QuikNode to set up an xDai node and after we got that working it was easy to add support for Matic as well. It's imperative that we have reliable node infrastructure since Cargo depends on responding to events from the blockchain. We rely on stable websocket and http connections to the nodes that we use.”

Sean Papanikolas

Sean Papanikolas
Founder of