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From elastic APIs, to robust dedicated nodes & custom add-ons, all at your command through our Developer Portal. QuickNode is your complete end-to-end solution for accessing the Solana blockchain.

Industry-preferred Solana RPC provider for leading enterprises

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Solana Development Simplified

Your essential toolkit for building and scaling on Solana, curated by QuickNode.

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Dedicated Clusters

The most robust and performant dedicated node clusters in web3 that power the world's leading brands.

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Core API

Instantly access global node network, plus tools and APIs to help you build & scale high-quality blockchain applications!

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Metis- Jupiter V6 Swap API

Make lightning fast calls to Jupiter swap API via their SDK with clear and reliable rate limits.

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Solana Priority Fee API

Effortlessly estimate Solana fees! Get real-time priority fee averages based on recent fee data in an ergonomic, easy-to-use API.

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Solana Digital Asset API

The Metaplex Digital Asset Standard (DAS) API provides a comprehensive suite of RPC methods for managing and querying digital assets on the Solana blockchain.

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Use QuickNode to upload, store, manage, and retrieve data on the IPFS network through our pinning services and dedicated gateways.

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"Solana is an absolute beast of a blockchain and QuickNode is one of the few teams in the industry who have an archival setup for Solana and make it super easy to interact with it!"

Rajath Alex - Chainalysis
Rajath Alex
Senior Software Engineer @ Chainalysis

The Complete Solana stack

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The best reliability

Our uptime SLA ensures your application is up and running when you need it.

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Highest success rates

We have the highest success rate on landing transactions out of all RPC providers.

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Lowest latency

On average, our blockchain API responses are 2.5x faster than our competitors. Check out our Compare tool to see for yourself.

Compare other Solana RPC Providers

Explore the performance of Solana's RPC providers with QuickLee Public Dashboard. Access real-time analytics and metrics comparing global response times. Powered by data from various RPC providers, insights span 7 regions and multiple cloud platforms.

The best plans in Web3


50 MillionAPI Credits* Included

Auto Scaling not included

Great For Beginners


  • Check mark330Credits /sec
  • Check mark1Endpoint
  • Check mark1QuickAlert
  • Check markCommunitySupport


100 MillionAPI Credits* Included

+$1.50 /additional million


  • Check mark550Credits /sec
  • Check mark2Endpoints
  • Check mark2QuickAlerts
  • Check markCommunitySupport


500 MillionAPI Credits* Included

+$1 /additional million

Most Popular


  • Check mark2,500Credits /sec
  • Check mark10Endpoints
  • Check mark10QuickAlerts
  • Check mark24hrsSupport response time


3 BillionAPI Credits* Included

+$1 /additional million


  • Check mark6,000Credits /sec
  • Check mark20Endpoints
  • Check mark20QuickAlerts
  • Check mark8-12hrsSupport response time

Large volume or unique business model?

QuickNode empowers top enterprises worldwide, including hundreds of blockchain industry leaders processing billions of requests daily.