Launch Alert: Dedicated ClustersThe most powerful dedicated node clusters in blockchain on the most performant network.

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Find your trading alpha with 2.5x faster speeds and real-time blockchain data

QuickNode's industry-leading blockchain infrastructure and trading tools — tailored for the best crypto trading experience.

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Havoc uses QuickNode's unmatched speed and globally positioned servers

The crypto world has seen a significant uptick in innovative trading tools, platforms, and strategies, all driven by an unwavering commitment to address market needs and offer enhanced user experiences

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Feature Fridays with Smartwhales

SmartWhales is revolutionizing the way retail investors engage with on-chain trading. By offering a fully automated solution to invest alongside top crypto funds, they're making advanced investing strategies accessible to a wider audience.

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Create a Solana Trading Bot Using Jupiter API

Jupiter, Solana's leading swap aggregator and routing protocol, is a powerful tool for developers looking to build trading tools. We will learn how to use Jupiter's v6 API and QuickNode's Metis add-on to create a simple Solana trading bot.

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