🚀 We’re excited to announce our $35m Series A led by Tiger Global: Press Release, Coindesk, Bloomberg, Business Insider & RefreshMiami!

QuickNode believes the future of the internet is private, trustless and censorship resistant.

Our mission is to help blockchain ecosystems scale, by providing accessible core infrastructure.

We make it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow. From elastic APIs & dedicated nodes, to powerful tools & analytics, all at your command through a simple control panel.

A team with experience

QuickNode is multinational team with over 40 years combined experience managing datacenters, high-speed networks, and distributed systems.

Headshot of Alex Nabutovsky
Operations Alex Nabutovsky

Co-founder & co-CEO of QuickNode. Makes sure the ship runs tight and on time.

Headshot of Alexander Lopez
Engineering Alexander Lopez

Product-oriented UI engineer. Bridging the human/computer divide.

Headshot of Amol Shah
Sales Amol Shah

CRO - talking about our products, and making customers happy.

Headshot of Auston Bunsen
Engineering Auston Bunsen

Co-founder and co-CTO of QuickNode. Executing on vision.

Headshot of Chase Wright
Support Chase Wright

Support Engineer. Have you tried rebooting it?

Headshot of Chet Bortz
Engineering Chet Bortz

Ruby engineer. Mining gems & refining features - every day I'm bundlin'!

Headshot of David Karim
Engineering David Karim

Keeping our clouds running, making our clouds faster. Dev-ops is the way.

Headshot of Diana Kontarovich
Human Relations Diana Kontarovich

Supporting our dream team to its core: Excellence, Trust, Humility, Progress, and Passion.

Headshot of Dmitry Shklovsky
Product Dmitry Shklovsky

Co-founder and co-CEO of QuickNode. Dreaming up product and talking to customers.

Headshot of Doug Keeney
Marketing Doug Keeney

Making sure the world knows about QuickNode.

Headshot of Emerson Carvalho
Engineering Emerson Carvalho

Software Engineer, building the future. What's next?

Headshot of Felipe Lima
Engineering Felipe Lima

🇧🇷 Engineer. Passionate about code quality, developer happiness and soccer.

Headshot of Ilya Nabutovsky
Infrastructure Ilya Nabutovsky

Dev-ops team. Spinning up nodes, bouncing servers, and more.

Headshot of Jim Schappelle
Operations Jim Schappelle

Sr. Mgr, Strategy & Business Operations. Following our North Star to facilitate long-term growth.

Headshot of Maksim Kramarenko
Infrastructure Maksim Kramarenko

Dev-ops team. Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars.

Headshot of Manuel Kreutz
Engineering Manuel Kreutz

Co-founder and co-CTO of QuickNode. Keeping response times fast.

Headshot of Mauro Delazeri
Engineering Mauro Delazeri

Blockchain Engineer - landlord of the blockchains.

Headshot of Nicholas Shklovsky
Community Nicholas Shklovsky

Managing Community and creating #FOMO everywhere.

Headshot of Noah Hein
Content Noah Hein

Technical Content Editor - Making blockchain and web3 more accessible, one guide at a time.

Headshot of Roman Terekh
Support Roman Terekh

Support Engineer. Overseeing customers and making sure everyone is happy.

Headshot of Ronin Kaizen
Support Ronin Kaizen

Support Engineer who loves to help users. Nodes are his favorite sincΞ ΞvΞr. QuicknodΞ is the bΞst choicΞ for Pro and ΞntΞrprisΞ.

Headshot of Sahil Sen
Evangelist Sahil Sen

Our resident educator, spreading the gospel on ethereum awesomeness and blockchain capabilities.

Headshot of Santiago Reig
Support Santiago Reig

Support Engineer. Burning the inflationary emission of "Support Tickets" token.

Headshot of Saurab Joshi
Engineering Saurab Joshi

Automating and keeping nodes alive as our part of our dev-ops team.

Headshot of Steve Toro
Engineering Steve Toro

Platform Engineer building the future of the web, one goroutine at a time.

Our core values

The principles that guide us every single day.


Working towards the best possible outcome is the only acceptable strategy for us. In our pursuit of excellence, we understand that clarity is key - so we add context to every ask or large interaction including source, supporting evidence, any convictions, stakeholders and any logic or reasoning used to reach a conclusion.


We show up with a growth mindset, every single person on the team can learn. In fact, we know it's important to never stop learning - from each other, customers and our craft. We believe that if we learn daily, our goal of simple and elegant solutions becomes exponentially easier to achieve over time.


It is important to recognize each and every day that our customers are the reason we work so hard. Customers come first. Additionally, we believe kindness is a cornerstone of our success - we treat each other and customers with kindness and trust that every person we interact with has positive intentions.


We expect every person working on QuickNode to speak with integrity, honesty, and truthfulness, and say only what they mean or desire. Use their words in a positive direction of truth and love. Perhaps most importantly we want to trust every team member to take ownership of their actions.


We know that all of the previous principles are only worth anything if you're passionate about the mission, the team you work with and the work itself. Every single person on the QuickNode team is dedicated to making QuickNode the absolute best experience, both internally and externally!

Backed by the best

With angel investors like: Andrew Barnard, Anthony Pompliano, Barron Channer, Dennis Serkov, Doug Carillo, Jackie De La Rosa, Marell Evans, Vasily Klyukin, Will Weinraub, Arrington XRP, and Yagiz Sozmen.

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Need support?

Because we are a remote-first team and built our app with this in mind, using mobile-accessible technologies, we can manage almost every part of the app from anywhere, anytime.

We aim to provide best-effort support at all times of day, although the sweet spot is 9AM - 5PM ET. Our goal is to respond to and resolve issues as quickly as possible, to ensure our customers are happy and successful in their endeavors.