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Launch Your Xai Chain RPC in Moments, Not Minutes

Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency with QuickNode's Xai Chain RPC. Built for developers, our nodes ensure your gaming projects on Arbitrum Orbit perform flawlessly and scale effortlessly.

Instantly launch your Xai node

We power the Xai Chain on Arbitrum Orbit to streamline your development process, ensuring a smooth transition from sandbox to live operations with optimal performance.

Xai Testnet

Xai Testnet allows users to test their applications on a testnet version of the Xai network.

Xai Mainnet

Xai is an Arbitrum-based layer-3 gaming network created to facilitate open trade for the next generation of onchain video games.

Xai Clients supported

We make it ridiculously easy to create Xai RPC endpoints.


Xai builds on Nitro, a tweaked Geth, for speedy & cost-effective Layer 2 transactions.