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We've partnered with the best blockchain infrastructure companies in the world to make it easy for you to focus on building the best experience for your customers. Select from dozens of add-ons that make building super-powered dApps easier than ever.

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Select from add-ons that put serious power behind your dApp with instant availability and stellar support.

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We’ve spent months pouring over the blockchain ecosystem to pick only the fastest, most-useful add-ons for you.

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All of our add-ons are one-click to provision, so you don’t need to mess with kubernetes to get your infra leveled-up.


Subgraph Hosting

by Satsuma

Save months of development time with a hosted subgraph indexer. Instead of focusing on backend development and devops, write a subgraph in < 1 hr and get a custom GraphQL API for your dApp.


Price Feed Data

by Gecko Labs Pte. Ltd.

Get the latest price & market data of 10,000+ cryptocurrencies in any supported currencies that you need, powered by CoinGecko, the world's largest independent crypto aggregator.


Address Risk Scores

by Mistrack

Know the risk score and label of every wallet address.

Nansen used our marketplace
for simple transaction history

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with 130M+ wallet labels and they’re dependent on our marketplace for crucial info to power their business.

We use QuickNodes Bitcoin services for one of our products called Nansen Portfolio. It's been a huge time saver & we're very happy with it!

Evgeny Medvedev - Cofounder of Nansen

Evgeny Medvedev

Cofounder of Nansen

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Tens of thousands of blockchain developers rely on QuickNode to power their blockchain experiences—but they need developers to build the tools that help them bring blockchain to the next billion people. Build on our core and enhanced APIs to bring your ideas to life on the platform that brings enterprise blockchain infrastructure to everyone.

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Deeply integrate with RPCs

Give customers even more power by adding your own RPC methods to an add-on that lets customers extend their capabilities without changing a line of code in their app!

Build external

Create a standalone add-on that customers can use outside of the QuickNode platform that makes the best use of their QuickNode endpoints.