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Supercharge Blockchain APIs

QuickNode Marketplace lets you to create custom data and infrastructure add-ons for our web3 app store. Build and list seamlessly, placing your product and brand in front of 125k+ top web3 developers!

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Grow your dApp’s revenue

Get listed in our web3 app store and unlock new earning potential — join our community of partners who have already seen significant earnings from their add-ons.

Engage with over 125k developers

Expand your reach by getting in front of hundreds of thousands of web3 developers who can use your product and provide valuable feedback.

Leverage our brand

QuickNode’s established brand is trusted by leading blockchain projects and Fortune 500 companies. Capitalize on our trusted reputation and secure high-paying customers with long-term retention.

Thanks to our QuickNode marketplace plug-in, our Minting APIs are now a couple clicks and one RPC call away for all QuickNode devs, which has opened a vast new pool of potential customers for Crossmint!

Alfonso Gomez Jordana Manas

Cofounder @ Crossmint

A simplified web3 marketplace experience

Never built an add-on before? Use our core and enhanced APIs to easily bring your ideas to life on the platform that provides enterprise blockchain infrastructure to everyone.


Apply for a partner account

Apply for a Developer account to gain access and start proposing new add-ons.


Apply for testing access and review

When you're ready to submit your proposed add-on and supporting info (add-on URLs, features, connections, etc...) apply for test access.


Requesting beta testing access

Request beta test access to allow a limited set of beta testers to begin evaluating your new add-on.


Apply for publishing

Once your add-on has been tested and can handle at least one million daily requests, you're ready to publish!

Become a marketplace partner

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Jumpstart your project with boilerplate code

Get to market faster with our boilerplate code that covers the basic points of integration as well as basic JSON-RPC to REST proxying.


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