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NEAR is available

via API network

Boot your NEAR RPC endpoint in seconds, not days.

From elastic APIs, to powerful tools & analytics, all at your command through an easy control panel. QuickNode is your complete end-to-end solution for accessing the NEAR blockchain!

QuickNode’s fast, reliable, comprehensive platform lets us operate on chains like NEAR efficiently, allowing our team to focus on product & customers instead of node infrastructure.

Near Testimonial

Lukasz Kujawa

Director of Engineering @ ELLIPTIC

Instantly launch your NEAR node on these networks

We support as many networks as possible, including NEAR staking, for the NEAR chain to make getting started with development easy and transitioning to production even easier.


NEAR is a proof of stake, layer-one blockchain.


Final testing network with realistic conditions before deploying them to Mainnet.

NEAR Clients supported

We make it ridiculously easy to create NEAR RPC endpoints with our NEAR API.


official client supported by NEAR.