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Compare your nodes against QuickNode

Drop in any Ethereum endpoint and select a Web3 call to benchmark - we'll test it live from this browser and show you the results realtime.

  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b228441940> Solana
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b228441850> BSC
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b228441698> Optimism
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b228441558> Bitcoin
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b2284413c8> Fantom
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b2284412d8> Arbitrum
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b228441198> Gnosis
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b2284410d0> Polygon
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b228440fe0> Ethereum
  • #<SupportedChain:0x000055b228440e78> Celo

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