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Speed and accuracy to power paradigm-shifting decentralized finance apps

QuickNode’s lightning-fast infrastructure and industry-leading security pair perfectly with innovative DeFi protocols.

Companies who scaled with QuickNode DeFi solutions

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Build the leading DEXs, trading dApps, lending dApps, and more.

QuickNode’s infrastructure and tools support DeFi projects, from scalability and performance to DeFi-specific APIs and secure transactions.

Custom Chains

Scale effortlessly with QuickNode's Custom Chains, supporting high-volume transactions and intricate on-chain logic, all with the option for gasless interactions.

Secure Transactions

QuickNode provides secure blockchain access, protecting the developers and end users against security threats and vulnerabilities.

DeFi-Ready Infrastructure

Top DeFi apps require a high-performance infrastructure to handle large volumes of transactions and interactions.

Elastic APIs Made for DeFi

Easily fetch NFT, ERC20, all transactions by wallet/contract data, and more.

Multi-Chain Support

QuickNode provides access to 35+ networks and AppChains, simplifying DevOps and streamlining GTM.

Data Analysis and Insights

Understand player behavior around a particular in-game event. QuickNode's tools help games analyze blockchain data to provide insights.

Tools made for DeFi

Developer-friendly products designed to help you build and scale world-class DeFi products

Custom Chain Development

Launch a fully managed, customized, and dedicated blockchain — built on QuickNode’s industry-leading infrastructure.

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Multi-Chain Support

QuickNode currently supports 25+ chains and 35+ networks, including all the top EVM chains and testnets.

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QuickNode's APIs can facilitate the creation, trading, and management of NFTs in games.

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Track specific activities, such as when a particular wallet address transfers funds or when an NFT is sold.

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Blink MEV Protection

Secure RPC endpoint safeguarding for transactions from front-running.

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Know the risk score and label of every wallet address.

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What is Maximal Extractable Value (MEV)?

With the transition to proof-of-stake, validators now take on the roles formerly held by miners, including the inclusion, exclusion, and ordering of transactions in blocks.

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Feature Fridays: CoinGecko

CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent crypto aggregator and has made its Coin Pricing API globally available to all QuickNode customers.

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