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IPFS gateways and pinning for blockchain developers

Use QuickNode to upload, store, manage, and retrieve data on the IPFS network through our pinning services and dedicated gateways.


IPFS is built using open source software and operates on a peer-to-peer network where data is distributed across multiple nodes rather than being stored in a central location.


IPFS's content-addressing ensures data integrity, as each file and block is given a unique hash, verifying the content hasn't been tampered with.


IPFS retrieves data from the nearest or fastest nodes, reducing bandwidth usage and improving speed.

Cost effective

Remove the hassle of running your own IPFS nodes. Use our services to pin files and access content via our dedicated gateways.

Your gateway to the IPFS network

Use QuickNode's gateways to display IPFS content at blazing fast speeds for a seamless customer experience.

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Dedicated with speed in mind

Retrieve content from our global edge network to ensure you provide a great customer experience.

Private or public

You can also choose to make your gateway public or private to best suit your needs.

Trust and security

Content addressing uses unique cryptographic hashes to locate and verify data, ensuring data integrity and permanence.

Custom domain

Create a custom domain name to keep your brand consistent.

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Store & pin your data

Build with peace of mind knowing your files are pinned and secure with our pinning solution. Store files with us via the customer dashboard or API.

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Easy uploads

Drag and drop your files onto the QuickNode user dashboard; they'll be immediately pinned to IPFS and accessible from any IPFS gateway.
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Your files are automatically distributed and replicated across global data centers, ensuring redundancy and minimal latency by fetching them from the nearest location.
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API ready

Don't want to log in and upload files? No problem. Pin your files via API for ease of use and scalability. Check out our documentation to get set up now.

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Use cases for decentralized storage

We bring together everything you need to build on the blockchain. Build the future of web3 with the ease of web2.


Launching a new project? Ensure your NFTs are stored safely and securely on IPFS.
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Store your game assets on IPFS and ensure scalable and secure storage.

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IPFS enables secure data access vital for expansive metaverse applications.
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Get started with IPFS for free and scale up your usage as needed with our pay-as-you-go model.

IPFS is currently only available to our Build, Scale, and Enterprise customers. Upgrade your account to get access.


Amount of storage for all of your pinned files.

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    5GB of file storage is included

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    Unlimited storage (over 5GB) starting at $0.15 per 1GB/mo


Create 1 dedicated gateway for free to get started

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    5GB of bandwidth is included

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    Unlimited bandwidth (over 5GB) starting at $0.10 per 1GB/mo

Ready to get started?

Connect seamlessly to the IPFS network via our dedicated gateway and start benefiting from decentralized storage immediately.


Check out our API documentation and guides to help you get started with IPFS.

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