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QuickNode partners with Polygon Foundaton for QuickAlerts.

We have collaborated with Polygon on an exclusive* launch of QuickAlerts for customers on our FREE Discover plan.

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Your real-time alert
command center

QuickAlerts expressions can be simple or complex, enabling you to be notified of the real-time on-chain events that matter to you.

QuickAlerts Polygon Mobile Notiifcations


Receive real-time notifications for events related to NFTs, including when they are minted, transferred, burned, and more.


Receive notifications for events related to specific token activity, price oracles, and liquidity pools.

Smart Contracts

Set up alerts for specific events related to smart contracts, including contract deployment, transfer activity, and custom events that matter to you.


Receive notifications for transactions to and from a specific wallet address, allowing you to track your digital assets and ensure the security of your wallet.