Top chains. Fastest speed. Enterprise infrastructure for 13 blockchains.

We make it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow. From elastic APIs, to powerful tools & analytics, all at your command through a simple control panel.

We currently support the following chains and clients:

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Globally available elastic
nodes for your apps and DApps with our service

Get started developing immediately with a globally available, cache accelerated service with QuickNode API or when you have custom needs, reach out to enterprise support. Want better insights or a particular tools? Enable an add-on for your endpoint.

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with QuickNode API and tools

The best choice for developers, hobbyists & web-scale blockchain apps.


300 Thousand responses / mo


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20 Million responses / mo


Launch Perks+
Priority Support
100 Free Archive Calls
Overage is $0.07 per 10k


60 Million responses / mo


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300 Free Archive Calls
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500m+ responses / mo

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Free trial to get started

We took our experience handling heavy load and made it free to try. We provision access on-demand without a rate-limit and seven day free trial for base service.

Latency optimized network

We use intelligent routing to hit the node closest to your user every time so it’s like your DApp is sitting on top of a CDN. We’re faster than competitors in 65% of locations globally.

Mempool transactions faster than ever

Get maximum pending transaction pool visibility for Ethereum in milliseconds - we listen for incoming transactions across 8+ locations and pool them into a central queue. Never miss a transaction again.

“We literally went from spending $1000/mo in credits maintaining our archive node, to spending $35/mo at QuickNode.”
Mats Julian Olsen

Mats Julian Olsen
Cofounder of DuneAnalytics

Gain insights with our Analytics

The best way to understand how your dApp is being used.

Understand your product's usage

With our Analytics, you get immediate and robust insight into which of your node's smart contract methods are called the most often and when.

Monitor your incoming traffic

Detect trends in the traffic streaming into your node with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly trend lines.

Get core insights into error rates

Our analytics also unlock powerful tools to debug your DApp or endpoint in production; understand when your Web3 calls are failing, your websockets are dropping and why.

Screenshot of QuickNode Analytics blocks

One-click add ons for even
faster dev cycles

Building apps is even easier with our add ons.

Archive Mode

Archive mode means that all historical states of values in smart contracts as well as all balances of an account are accessible.

Trace Mode

Trace mode allows you to request the node to reexecute the desired transaction with varying degrees of data collection.

NFT Fetch Tool

Don't waste time scraping logs, use this simple add-on that aggregates a wallet's NFTs for you in a single API call.

Event Web Hooks

Get notified of up to 100k Smart Contract events per month + $1 for every additional thousand events we send.

Still compatible with all of your favorite software

We support third party integrations with MyCrypto, Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Augur, Chainlink and so many more...

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Ready to integrate?

Every QuickNode endpoint is compatible with the major Web3 development SDKs

const Web3 = require('web3');
const web3 = new Web3(

  answer => console.log(answer)

  blockNum => console.log(blockNum)