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We make it simple to build blockchain applications and scale up as you grow. From elastic APIs to powerful tools and analytics, all at your command through a simple control panel.

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Core API

Your one-stop shop
to the most popular chains

We're a single platform for your production, staging, and testing environments. With reliability, performance and support only QuickNode can provide.

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Illustration with multiple, colored and greyed, 3 dimensions Quicknode cubes with one unique on floating to the right of the page.

Valuable insights

With our Analytics, you get immediate and robust insight into which of your node's smart contract methods are called the most often and when.

Globally balanced

We use intelligent routing to hit the node closest to your user every time; it's almost like your DApp is sitting on top of a CDN.

Highly available

Whether you have 10 users today or 1,000,000 users tomorrow, we do the heavy lifting to maintain consistent performance no matter the volume.

Suspiciously fast

We're faster than competitors in 65% of locations globally. With speed you can count on, we are the obvious choice.


Cross-chain NFT data
at your finger-tips

Our NFT API provides easy access to hard to reach blockchain data, all via a simple cross-chain API

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Illustration of a Loopy Donuts NFT with corresponding identifiable information laid out in chat like bubbles. 0x8aE6...F46b Loopy Donut ipfs://QmZ...n6h ERC721

Where the money is

90% of NFT trade volume so far in 2022 has originated on the chains we support.

Optimized for speed

Up to 100x the speed of querying the same data in real-time from the blockchain.

Proven at scale

Powering NFT integrations on some of the biggest platforms on the web today.

No experience required

We've done the heavy lifting for you, making NFT integrations accessible to any developer.

Globally distributed

We are everywhere
you need us to be

Our intelligent routing and strategically placed infrastructure ensures the lowest latency for your users. From sandbox to enterprise, we scale with you.

100s of Billions

API requests handled monthly, we can handle any volume you need.


Uptime SLA ensures you're only paying while we're online.


Chains enables deployments to multiple ecosystems.


Regions ensures lowest latency for your users no matter where they are.

People talking about us

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"[QuickNode] plans to use the new funds to hire as many as 50 people after a 20-fold increase in revenue this year."

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"[QuickNode] said it will use the new funds to expand its product offerings and support new chains, which it has done at a pace of “about one per month” since its seed round in May."


QuickNode's multi-chain support and global low-latency platform helped us scale with ease. Our team has peace of mind knowing infrastructure is handled and support is always available when we need it.

Mats Julian Olsen - Cofounder of DuneAnalytics

Mats Julian Olsen

Cofounder of DuneAnalytics

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Simple, transparent pricing,
designed for you

With our new plans, Web3 builders get access to the entire QuickNode platform — all chains, recent and historical data, trace, debug and NFT APIs, & more — and only pay for what they use.

Illustration showcasing multiple 3 dimensional translucent Quicknode cubes nested inside one large cube to denote how the pricing is simple and easy.

Continuous support

You may not need us,
but if you do,
we are here

With our easy-to-use platform and robust documentation, you will have all the answers you need. Our support team is available for you.

Illustration of the Quicknode 3 dimensional cube with the Q nested at the bottom and leaves cascading up from the bottom on both the left and right sides.