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Archive Mode without the headaches Archive Mode without the headaches

We maintain archive nodes worldwide so you don't have to. Get instant access to historical blockchain data via our add-on.

Growing pie of supported chains Growing pie of supported chains

Start with a single chain and get early access to additional chains if you're on a pro plan or higher. We already support Polygon, BSC, BTC, Ethereum, Fantom, Terra, Solana, Celo and xDAI.

Dedicated help when you need it Dedicated help when you need it

We have support engineers in 3 different time zones to make sure you're always covered if you have any questions about your endpoint or our service.

Case study
Fairdesk saved massive dev cycles and improved reliability with QuickNode
Fairdesk is a derivatives exchange that is building out the fastest, most secure product on the market. From day one, Fairdesk had the support of several chains including BTC, Ethererun, BSC, LTC, Doge and Tron. Among the chains, BSC proved quite a formidable foe. The full node fills the disk space at tens of Gigabytes per day with a lot of heavy disk reads & writes! Constant engineering cycles were being spent daily on maintaining BSC infrastructure.
Jacky Choi, CEO of Fairdesk, realized that something had to be changed. He started to try QuickNode and found the result promising. After talking with Dmitry Shklovsky, the founder of QuickNode, Jacky learned that QuickNode had built the full node service across different cloud service providers and different continents. In the following weeks, Fairdesk had switched all BSC node traffic to QuickNode. The volume is tremendous, with over 500 requests per second. However, the response time remains under 5 milliseconds due to the auto-balancing and solid infrastructure offered by QuickNode.
Products used Networks used
  • XRP Ledger Mainnetnet
  • Ethereum mainnet
  • BNB mainnet
  • Arbitrum mainnet
  • Bitcoin mainnet
  • Base Mainnetnet
  • TRON Mainnetnet
  • Matic mainnet
  • Fantom mainnet
  • Avalanche Mainnetnet
  • CELO mainnet
Add-ons used
  • NFT Fetch Tool
  • Trace Mode
  • Archive Mode
  • Token API
  • Address Balance Index

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