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Instant access to archive nodes, trace mode and more for a fraction of the cost. Save dev cycles and infrastructure headache with QuickNode.

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Reliable tools offering quick access to level up your analytics dApp.

Archive Mode without the headaches Archive Mode without the headaches

We maintain archive nodes worldwide so you don't have to. Get instant access to historical blockchain data via our add-on.

Growing pie of supported chains Growing pie of supported chains

Start with a single chain and get early access to additional chains if you're on a pro plan or higher. We already support Polygon, BSC, BTC, Ethereum and xDAI.

Dedicated help when you need it Dedicated help when you need it

We have support engineers in 3 different time zones to make sure you're always covered if you have any questions about your endpoint or our service.

Case study
Dune Analytics: Freeing Bandwidth & Money to Level Up
Before Dune Analytics set it off in 2018, there was no easy way to answer any arbitrary questions about Ethereum activity with data, or look back to see how that data moved over time. Sure, there were a few sites that reported some specific metrics. But not with transparency and the flexibility to interact with the metrics and data provided. In that framework, it's hard to benchmark metrics across different dApps in a meaningful way. Without the right data, community discussions and product decisions are often based on apples & oranges comparisons, or made without ever considering data.
Dune trusts QuikNode to run the backbone of their business and relies on us to keep expanding support for blockchains as they gain popularity. We're here for them and available for you as well.

Add-ons to make scaling analytics simple, reliable and fast.

Building apps for Analytics is even easier with our single-click add ons.

Case study levels up user experience & reduces anxiety with unlimited daily calls
NFT Analytics Platform was having issues scaling requests and dealing with rate limits on competing platforms - moving to QuickNode solved these core issues.
How QuickNode helped, from the founders themselves: “We are collecting the bulk of our data from the blockchain. Blockchain data is a core piece of our business, so the ability to reliably query that data is essential. But we ran into issues with our volume of requests, and ran into rate limits using not just public endpoints, but also other node service providers until we found QuickNode. We switched to QuickNode’s highest-tier Scale plan (though all plans technically have unlimited requests) to backfill our transaction data going back several months. We ran these backfills in multiple batches given the volume of data we were processing, which was not an easy task.. The value in this, to our users, means that they can easily query who holds what token and how many unique holders a collection has after any project (read more)
Products used Networks used
  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Arbitrum mainnet
  • Matic mainnet
  • BNB mainnet
  • zkSync Era Testnetnet
Add-ons used
  • Trace Mode
  • Archive Mode