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Our eth_call's are rocket fueled Our eth_call's are rocket fueled

We’ve engineered eth_call to be the most performant on the planet, with globally available nodes, supercharged with RAM and CPU ready to handle your eth_calls.

Infinite scalability Infinite scalability

With our global network, your NFTs are available on 6 of the 7 major continents with automatic capacity when you need it.

Gas price estimates that take a global view Gas price estimates that take a global view

Our nodes get a look at the global pending transaction pool, so your `eth_estimateGas` calls are always giving you the most reliable info.

Case study
Fitting into a serverless architecture to notify the Avastars NFT app of smart contract events
The early team at Avastars was pressed for time and resources - they needed a way to get notifications when certain events were fired on their smart contracts. We stepped in and worked closely with the team to meet their needs.
Avastars was able to leverage our smart contract event monitoring add on with ease to adapt to their architecture.
Products used Networks used
  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Rinkeby PoA testnet
Add-ons used
  • Archive Mode
  • Event Web Hooks

Add ons to make building with NFTs dead simple

Building apps for NFTs is even easier with our single-click add ons.

Case study
QuickNode’s Limitless Calls Per Second Powers Cargo’s NFT Drops on xDai and Matic / Polygon
QuickNode enables Cargo, an NFT creation, management and monetization tool, to offer users the ability to create their own NFT marketplace and projects at scale. Cargo’s batch minting approach, using a newer ERC-2309 standard, allows creators, developers, and businesses to create an unlimited number of NFTs in one transaction at a price-point similar to creating JUST ONE NFT on other platforms.
Cargo made the switch to QuickNode and their rate limit problem got solved immediately. With no rate limit, the Cargo infrastructure can constantly make requests to the node while QuickNode does the heavy lifting. This enables lightning fast speed, higher traffic and a smooth, consistent user experience. As a result, Cargo’s overall volume of launches is reaching all-time highs through its QuickNode powered experience.

One added benefit of the QuickNode partnership: Cargo has access to most popular chains with one single provider. Those chains include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Matic/Polygon, xDai, Optimism, and Binance Smart Chain. As a result, Cargo has greater flexibility, development options, and a way to future-proof their business.
Products used Networks used
  • Matic mainnet
  • Gnosis mainnet