QuickNode believes the future of the internet is private, trustless and censorship resistant.

Our mission is to help blockchain ecosystems scale, by providing accessible core infrastructure.

We make it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow. From elastic APIs, to powerful tools & analytics, all at your command through a simple control panel.

A team with experience

QuickNode is a multinational team with over 40 years of combined experience managing datacenters, high-speed networks, and distributed systems.

Headshot of Aaron Geller
Customer Success Aaron Geller

VP of Customer Success & Growth.

Headshot of Aaron Meeker
Customer Success Aaron Meeker

Helping builders scale

Headshot of Aaron Milano
Content Aaron Milano

Technical Content. Empowering others to build on Solana and Web3.

Headshot of Alberto Yanes
Engineering Alberto Yanes

🇦🇷 Engineer - Tech Writer wannabe ✍️ - Crypto nerd 🤓 - Back and Front wizard 🧙

Headshot of Alejandro Campos
Engineering Alejandro Campos

🇦🇷 4x4 Engineer, chronically curious and cyclist 🚴‍♂️.

Headshot of Alex Khan
Sales Alex Khan

Business Development. Here to help, one conversation at a time.

Headshot of Alex Nabutovsky
Operations Alex Nabutovsky

Co-founder & co-CEO of QuickNode. Makes sure the ship runs tight and on time.

Headshot of Alexander Lopez
Engineering Alexander Lopez

Full-stack engineer and tennis enthusiast.

Headshot of Amy Hyatt
Revenue Amy Hyatt

Here for all things making our customers successful.

Headshot of Auston Bunsen
Engineering Auston Bunsen

Co-founder of QuickNode. Executing on vision.

Headshot of Bojan Cabrilo
Engineering Bojan Cabrilo

Technical Program Manager. Wearer of many hats. Learning from our awesome team.

Headshot of Brandon Turp
Sales Brandon Turp

A Human API who loves Nodes and talking to customers.

Headshot of Cam Sweeney
Engineering Cam Sweeney

Platform engineer. Building tools, routing requests, and stacking turtles all the way down

Headshot of Cameron Kaubris
Customer Success Cameron Kaubris

Director of Customer Success & Growth - Quicknode's success is driven by our customer's success

Headshot of Carl DiClementi
Product Carl DiClementi

VP of Product. Practicing advanced chemistry, turning ideas into delighted customers.

Headshot of Chase Wright
Support Chase Wright

Support Engineer. Have you tried rebooting it?

Headshot of Chris Bair
Sales Chris Bair

Helping builders win.

Headshot of Collin Dworsky
Sales Collin Dworsky

Sales + Solana NFT's

Headshot of Corey Vittitow
Engineering Corey Vittitow

Cloud architect working to align our cloud strategy with the company mission of scalability and accessibility when/where our customers need it.

Headshot of Dan Eisenberg
Sales Dan Eisenberg

Full time node slinger, part time struggling 1/1 artist.

Headshot of Diana Kontarovich
Human Relations Diana Kontarovich

Supporting our dream team to its core: Excellence, Trust, Humility, Progress, and Passion.

Headshot of Dmitry Shklovsky
Product Dmitry Shklovsky

Co-founder and co-CEO of QuickNode. Dreaming up product and talking to customers.

Headshot of Dylan Harville
Engineering Dylan Harville

Web3 Support Engineer. Don’t panic.

Headshot of Emanuel Pinho
Engineering Emanuel Pinho

Surfer Engineer looking for the best rides 🏄🏿‍♂️

Headshot of Eric Radelat
Finance Eric Radelat

VP of Finance. Certified Public Accountant.

Headshot of Erik Lopez
Engineering Erik Lopez

Always learning

Headshot of Ferhat Kochan
Content Ferhat Kochan

Technical Writer - EVM Chains. Writing code and running tests.

Headshot of Galina Podstrechnaya
Content Galina Podstrechnaya

Sr. Technical Content Developer. Passionate about education in tech.

Headshot of Gayle Jenkins
Platform Team and NFT/API Team Gayle Jenkins

Sr Technical Product Manager. Bridging real-world utility with Blockchain/NFT/Web3 technologies.

Headshot of Hugo Bos
Human Relations Hugo Bos

Team BUIDLER and helping them do what they do best.

Headshot of Ilya Nabutovsky
Support Ilya Nabutovsky

Support Engineer. Squashing technical challenges with focus on customer delight, excellence, and overall success!

Headshot of Jackie De La Rosa
Operations Jackie De La Rosa

Chief operating officer - leading the operations organization to build high performing People, Legal and BD functions.

Headshot of Jake Hahn
Product Jake Hahn

Senior Product Manager. Helping create a delightful customer experience.

Headshot of Jason Hunt
Ecosystem Jason Hunt

VP of Ecosystem. Enabling builders and creating strategic partnerships.

Headshot of Jeff Broderick
Design Jeff Broderick

Lots of experience bringing awesome experiences to our experienced customers.

Headshot of John Mitsch
Engineering John Mitsch

Software Engineer. Blockchain enthusiast fixing all the things.

Headshot of John Yoo
Data Analytics and Automation John Yoo

Data is the new gold; let me help you mine it.

Headshot of Jordan Patapoff
Ecosystem Jordan Patapoff

Director of Ecosystem. Strategic partnerships, technical enablement, and helping the next generation of unicorns build on QuickNode.

Headshot of Kyle Gannon
Marketing Kyle Gannon

Sr. Growth Marketer, trying to acquire currency for the business

Headshot of Laurence Vandeyar
Engineering Laurence Vandeyar

VP of Cloud Infrastructure. Working on cloud strategy and helping to ship world class product.

Headshot of Lou Grande
Customer Success Lou Grande

Empowering Each Customer's Web3 Vision

Headshot of Luc Castera
Engineering Luc Castera

Engineering Manager. Loves books, building products, and groundhopping ⚽.

Headshot of Maksim Kramarenko
Infrastructure Maksim Kramarenko

DevOps team. Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars.

Headshot of Manuel Kreutz
Engineering Manuel Kreutz

Co-founder and VP Eng of QuickNode. Keeping response times fast.

Headshot of Mitchel Pawirodinomo
Support Mitchel Pawirodinomo

Web3 Support Engineer. By doing nothing, you become nothing 🔥

Headshot of Nicholas Shklovsky
Community Nicholas Shklovsky

Managing Community and creating #FOMO everywhere.

Headshot of Pedram Safaei
Engineering Pedram Safaei

Code whisperer and midnight debugging specialist.

Headshot of Pedro Guillen
Talent Acquisition Pedro Guillen

Helping QuickNode teams find their most valuable asset - People!

Headshot of Robert Janke
Revenue Robert Janke

Revenue Operations - Helping Revenue Teams Scale and Perform

Headshot of Roman Terekh
Support Roman Terekh

Support Engineer. Overseeing customers and making sure everyone is happy.

Headshot of Rony Xavier
Engineering Rony Xavier

Security Engineer. Managing security and compliance of the environment as part of our DevOps team.

Headshot of Sahil Sen
Evangelist Sahil Sen

Our resident educator, spreading the gospel on ethereum awesomeness and blockchain capabilities.

Headshot of Samuel Judd
Design Samuel Judd

Making sure interfaces become conversations.

Headshot of Sandeep Painuly
Content Sandeep Painuly

Creating Content for Web3

Headshot of Santiago Reig
Support Santiago Reig

Support Engineer. Burning the inflationary emission of "Support Tickets" token.

Headshot of Saurab Joshi
Engineering Saurab Joshi

Automating and keeping nodes alive as our part of our DevOps team.

Headshot of Stanley Szeniawski
Customer Success Stanley Szeniawski

Helping builders in Web3.

Headshot of Stevin Chacko
Engineering Stevin Chacko

Powering the future through data

Headshot of Tanisha Ridley
Finance Tanisha Ridley

Sr. Manager, AP & Procurement. Building scalable AP & Procurement processes

Headshot of Thomas Ellison
Support Thomas Ellison

VP of Support. Expertise + Insights + Work Arounds + Magic = Support.

Headshot of Tyler Walters
Technical Operations Tyler Walters

Director of Tech Ops. Keeping the lights on.

Headshot of Victor Rohlfs
Product Victor Rohlfs

Making sure we are building exactly what you need to empower your solutions.

Headshot of Vivian Carrasco
Customer Success Vivian Carrasco

Supporting the buildoors of web3 ⚡️

Headshot of Zach Perlman
Engineering Zach Perlman

Front End Engineer. Web wizard bringing sexy back to the web.

Our core values

The principles that guide us every single day.


Working towards the best possible outcome is the only acceptable strategy for us. In our pursuit of excellence, we understand that clarity is key - so we add context to every ask or large interaction including source, supporting evidence, any convictions, stakeholders and any logic or reasoning used to reach a conclusion.


We show up with a growth mindset, every single person on the team can learn. In fact, we know it's important to never stop learning - from each other, customers and our craft. We believe that if we learn daily, our goal of simple and elegant solutions becomes exponentially easier to achieve over time.


It is important to recognize each and every day that our customers are the reason we work so hard. Customers come first. Additionally, we believe kindness is a cornerstone of our success - we treat each other and customers with kindness and trust that every person we interact with has positive intentions.


We expect every person working on QuickNode to speak with integrity, honesty, and truthfulness, and say only what they mean or desire. Use their words in a positive direction of truth and love. Perhaps most importantly we want to trust every team member to take ownership of their actions.


We know that all of the previous principles are only worth anything if you're passionate about the mission, the team you work with and the work itself. Every single person on the QuickNode team is dedicated to making QuickNode the absolute best experience, both internally and externally!

Backed by the best

With angel investors like: Andrew Barnard, Anthony Pompliano, Barron Channer, Dennis Serkov, Doug Carillo, Jackie De La Rosa, Marell Evans, Vasily Klyukin, Will Weinraub, Arrington XRP, and Yagiz Sozmen.

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